May 2024 at The Little School House

Trips out

During the month of May at The Little School House, all rooms enjoyed spending some time going on trips out. Babies had lots of fun on the swings in the park with the staff members (who made sure to have a turn as well!) While on their walk through the woods, the Toddlers collected rocks for our Father’s Day crafts. At the park, they loved playing on the slide taking turns to have a go. Meanwhile, the Pre-School children demonstrated their lovely friendships in how nicely they played together on their trip to the park.

Superstar Sports

Also this month, Toddlers and Pre-School enjoyed their session of Superstar Sports. During this session, our coach asked them to run up the hill and then all slide down at the same time. The children then practiced their aim with the footballs, as well as doing some work on how to kick and roll the football around the garden.

Handa’s Surprise

The Toddler Room loved their core book of the week during May. ‘Handa’s Surprise’ was a favourite with the children, and they wanted to be just like Handa! They did this by practicing balancing fruit on their heads while it was on a plate! The giggles from the children when the staff had a go at this made the fruit fall off!!

Rhythm Time

We enjoyed our Rhythm Time session; Baby Room loved banging the drums shaped like lollipops, using the different materials to accompany their dancing, and hiding underneath while giggling with their friends! The bubbles at the end are always a favourite, helping the Babies with their hand/eye co-ordination to pop them!

Foods Around the World

Our Pre-School children have spent some time talking about different allergies this month, during their group times. They discussed each other’s diets; what they can and can’t eat, even mentioning the alternatives we give them. Food origins came up, so this led to a map being got out to identify where different foods come from.

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