About Us

Early Years Care & Education Ltd. is registered with Ofsted, in line with The Children’s Act 1989. We provide a full day care service for children aged 6 weeks to 5 years. In order to maintain high quality childcare provision, we operate an ongoing system of self-evaluation and are subject to regular Ofsted inspections.

We hold written policies & procedures on the day to day running of the nursery, which the manager and staff follow to ensure that the standards are maintained.

We actively promote our Equal Opportunities policy ensuring that staff, children & parents are not discriminated against on the grounds of religion, race, sex, language or disability. Everyone is treated as an individual to ensure that all needs & requirements are met to the best of our ability.

To ensure a high standard of childcare we employ a range of appropriately qualified staff who, we ensure, keep their training regularly updated. Great care is taken to ensure that the team works together to create a happy atmosphere for your child. Many of the staff you will meet have worked with us for many years, and are committed to the best outcomes for your children. The relevant checks are carried out on all our staff & each member has an initial trial period to ensure their capabilities meet our high standards. We believe in encouraging positive behaviour in both the children & the staff, & staff are expected to be role models for the children.

Your child’s safety is our top priority

A password system is operated in the circumstance of someone new picking up your child from nursery. Your child will not be released into the care of an unknown person without identification or prior arrangements so please make sure that we are fully informed.

You must inform us as early in the day as possible if your child is unable to attend their session. We are under obligation to monitor all children’s attendance &, as such, we require a reason as to why they are absent. If your child will be attending FEL funded sessions only, we are required to encourage you not to take holidays during funded weeks.

We ask you to provide at least one spare set of name-labelled clothes in case of any accidents. Please dress your child in appropriate clothing for their nursery sessions – they will get messy! Appropriate footwear & outerwear – depending on the time of year & the weather conditions – are also essential to ensure that outdoor play & learning is always possible.

Please do not let your child bring money, sweets or toys to nursery.

Apply today

If you have already visited us and would like your child to attend our nursery, please print, complete & return an application form and bring it to the nursery along with your deposit to secure your place (subject to availability).

Opening Hours

All our branches are open from Monday to Friday 7:00 AM – 7:00 PM, 52 weeks a year and all offer government funded, free entitlement sessions to 2, 3 and 4 year olds. We are not open on the Christmas & New Year bank holidays. We will try our best to accommodate any unusual hours or sessions required, please don’t hesitate to ask.


We have a simple fee structure with no hidden costs, and there is no difference in price for different age groups or any specific hours during the day.

Hourly rate






  • All baby consumables (i.e. nappies, wipes & creams) will be provided by the setting for children in the Baby Room. If nappies are still required once the child is in Toddler or Pre-School Rooms they must be provided from home.
  • Fees are charged monthly, in advance, & payment is required at the beginning of the month, as per the terms of the Childcare Agreement (p.13.). You can choose to pay by BACS (no charge), debit card (£2 charge), childcare vouchers (£1 charge), tax free childcare (£1 charge), cheque (£1 charge) or cash (no charge).
  • Full payment will be required for all Bank Holidays & any periods of sickness.


We offer all year round contracts (52 weeks), term-time contracts (39 weeks full price/full attendance, 13 weeks half price/half attendance – in line with school terms) & free early learning (FEL) funded term-time only (38 weeks).


  • A 5% discount is available for the oldest child when younger siblings are attending the setting also
  • A 5% discount available for full-time places (50hrs or more per week)

One week holiday pro rata may be taken free of charge in any one holiday year (a holiday year is the 12 months following your child’s start date) i.e. if your child attends 2 sessions each week they will be entitled to 2 free sessions in any one year. A minimum of four weeks written notice is required to have this deduction made.

‘Free Early Learning’ Entitlement

Free Early Learning (FEL) is a Government funded scheme that offers 570hrs per year of early education to all 3 & 4 year olds & eligible 2 year olds. Eligible 3 & 4 year olds are able to double their entitlement to 1,140hrs per year under the Extended Free Entitlement (EFE).

Both the FEL for 2 year olds & the EFE are based on definite eligibility criteria. Parents need to confirm their eligibility & we can only provide a place once that eligibility has been confirmed.

FEL for 3 & 4 year olds is a universal entitlement & children qualify to receive FEL the April, September or January following their third birthday. The free entitlement equates to 15hrs per week for 38 weeks of the year.

Parents may choose for their child to take up fewer hours than they’re entitled to if they wish. A maximum of 10hrs can be claimed in a day. Funding is not available before 6am or after 8pm. A child can claim FEL &/or EFE at no more than 2 providers in any one day & can only claim up to a total of 15 or 30hrs depending on eligibility.

Your child can access the FEL/EFE hours only, attending 38wks per year only, or your child can continue to come all year round. If your child accesses the FEL/EFE hours only you will not be charged unless the sessions you choose for your child to attend includes lunch &/or tea, in these cases they will be charged at £3.00 & £1.50 respectively. If your child accesses the FEL/EFE hours only & you wish your child to attend further sessions in between the terms, these can be requested & will be charged at full price. If your child attends all year round, we will calculate your yearly figure based on 38wks funded & 14wks non-funded & average it to find your monthly total.

You will be required to complete an Early Years Care & Education Ltd. ‘Parent/Carer Agreement to Access Free Early Learning (FEL) Entitlement & Extended Free Entitlement (EFE)’ pack.