Early Years Care & Education

Terms & Conditions

  • A registration fee of £50.00 is required to secure a place. This is non-refundable. A child’s place will not be secure without receipt of the registration fee.
  • If reserving a place 3 months or more in advance, the cost of 1 month’s fees will be payable alongside the registration fee at the point of the place being confirmed. The fees will not be refunded should a reserved place not be taken up. If the place is funded there is the option of having the fees refunded once the place is taken up & eligibility is confirmed (subject to administrative fees), or holding them as credit on the account to be used against future invoices.
  • Should the commencement date of a child’s attendance be postponed for a period of 1 month or more, 50% of the agreed monthly cost will be charged every month until the child’s attendance actually commences.
  • A trial period of 2 weeks will commence from the child’s start date, following the child‘s 2 settling-in sessions. During this period the agreement may be reviewed. If either party is dissatisfied the contract can be terminated, subject to the 4 weeks written notice required.The Company is also entitled to withdraw a child’s place at any time giving good reason & 1 weeks’ notice. 
  • All nursery fees are payable in advance & a payment method must be chosen. The payment method must be the same for every month where possible. Fees are due by the 1st of the month, if payment is not received by the 5th of the montha charge of £25.00 will be incurred. Children will not be authorised to attend after the 5th, if payment hasn’t been received, until the account is cleared in its entirety. Charges will still be accrued during this time. The child’s place may be withdrawn if payment is not received by the agreed date. 
  • If a child’s place is withdrawn the Child Agreement signatory will remain responsible for paying the fees for the notice period.
  • If an account is sent to the debt collector the Child Agreement signatory will be responsible for all charges involved. 
  • Payment method admin charges are as follows: BACS (no charge), childcare vouchers (£1 charge), tax free childcare (£1 charge).
  • Full payment is required for all 8 Bank Holidays that are applicable to the days of attendance chosen & any absences due to sickness.Days missed due to sickness are not eligible to be swapped.
  • Extra or extended days are possible, subject to availability, & will be charged separately as ‘Extra Sessions’ at a premium hourly rate (& added to the regular monthly invoice, where possible).A minimum of 30mins will be authorised when adding to an existing session. A minimum of 6hrs is required for stand-alone sessions. Sessions booked & subsequently cancelled will remain payable unless cancelled in writing prior to the session being invoiced.
  • All meals that take place within the session times booked will be charged
  • Payment will be required for any early drop-off or late collections, even if not requested, at a rate of £10 for (up to) the first 30mins & £10 for (up to) each 30mins after that.
  • An administrative charge of £10.00 will be incurred for any administration / fee changes / letter requests.
  • An administrative charge of £15.00 will be incurred for any payments that are unable to be cleared.
  • A flat charge of £20.00, in addition to the cost of the extra time spent in the setting (according to the above point regarding ‘Extra or extended days’), will be incurred for any child picked up after the nursery closing time. Please note the nursery is not insured beyond our official hours of opening.
  • Any holidays taken before entitlement accrued will be liable for repayment if the child leaves before the end of the 12-month period.
  • Any term-time contract broken before the 12-month period will be liable to reimburse nursery for amounts owed. 
  • The Child Agreement signatory will be required to pay/repay the Company any FEL funding unable to be claimed/reclaimed by the Local Authority.
  • An annual fee review will take place each year.
  • The Company accepts no liability for any lost, stolen or damaged items.
  • Nappies that have to be supplied by the nursery, for children not in the Baby Room, will be charged at a rate of 50p & added to the child’s next invoice.
  • Invoices will be sent electronically. If a paper copy is requested it will be provided at a cost of £1 which will be added to the invoice.
  • A charge of 50p will be automatically added per monthly invoice to cover the cost of eyLog integration for parental use.
  • A charge of £5 will be invoiced annually to cover the cost of sun cream.
  • Children claiming FEL &/or EFE funding will only be able to alter the number of hours claimed on a termly basis.
  • Permanent changes of hours/days of attendance will be authorised according to availability & only from the beginning of the month covered by the next issued invoice.
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