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Kingswood Day Nursery in May

Baby Room

The Babies had great fun this month exploring paint with their body parts and the different ways to make marks with different objects. They gained great sensory experiences from the way the paint felt on their skin and how they could make varied marks as the objects they were using touched the paper. I think the pictures prove what great fun they had, and how happily involved and engaged they are in these simple, but very effective, activities!

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Painting and mark-making with slinky’s.

Toddler Room

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Planting, life cycle of plants, learning, stimulating, exciting, vegetables, growing living things, watering, sunlight

Toddlers have enjoyed the planting activities this month; they have had so much fun learning about what plants need in order to grow. They have particularly enjoyed watering them daily, and watching them develop and grow. Soon we are hoping to eat the carrots that we’re growing at snack time! The children showed high levels of engagement and were so thoroughly interested in the planting activities that we went on to plant some herbs and some cucumbers too!


The Pre-School children took part in a workshop where we asked parents, or other special grown ups to the children, to join us for a crafty morning. We made buzzy bee pictures and we were very creative, using bubble wrap to print with to make a honeycomb background for our bees! Another of the activities in the workshop was to create our very own dream catchers to hang up in our bedrooms. We used natural resources and coloured tissue paper to create our masterpieces. The playdough activity was really popular, using our imaginations to come up with our own inventions, we even added different textures to our playdough such as rice, herbs and glitter.

paint, pre-school, sensory, messy play, fun, active learning, stimulating, exciting, fun, creativity, honeycomb, bee pictures, printing, arts and crafts
Workshop, pre-school, natural resources creative activity, dream, fun, exciting, teamwork, parent involvement
Dream cater making, arts and crafts, gluing and ticking, natural resources, workshop, creative, fun, parental involvement, partnership with parents,
Dream Catchers in the making

All Rooms

Finally, during the month of May, we have been making obstacle courses to improve our gross motor skills and to continue to develop our balance and coordination. We have enjoyed exploring and adding to our new natural/heuristic areas within the play rooms, the wooden and more ‘real life’ objects allow the children to develop their imagination to the next level. We have also been colour matching and sorting too! What a busy month May has been at Kingswood! We look forward to many more activities and opportunities to think critically and be creative.

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